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Account Printout $3.00
Visa Debit Card 1st one free, replacements-$10.00
Cashier’s Check Fee $5.00
Chargeback Fee $3.00
Check Cashing Fee Must maintain an average balance of $100.00 in checking or savings for no charge—if not, then 1% of amount-minimum $2.00
Close account within 180 days $25.00
Coins Rolled-customers only $20.00 per hour-1 hour minimum
Collection Fee Incoming & Outgoing- $10.00
Deposit Correction Fee $1.00
Fax Charge Outgoing-$5.00/1st page--$1.00 additional page
Fax Charge Incoming-$2.00 per page
Levies & Garnishments $35.00
Photocopies $1.00
Research $35.00 per hour plus $2.00 a copy – minimum $35.00
Safe Deposit Boxes & Night Deposit Locking Bags Must have existing deposit account. (Inquire about rental rates and availability) *Note: Safe Deposit Box contents are not insured by the FDIC.
Complete Statement Copy $3.00
Stop Payment Fee $25.00
Telephone Inquiries 1 free per month, each thereafter $2.00 or call our toll free 24 hour Telephone Banking System at (844) DSBANK1 or (844) 372-2651
Temporary Checks If checks ordered—12 free—then $.15 each
Wire Transfers Incoming-$5.00, Outgoing--$15.00, International Outgoing--$35.00
Zipper Bags $5.00
Zipper coin bag (mini) $1.50
** Returned Item Fee $25.00
** Overdraft Fee $25.00
** These charges can be the result of overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or a debit by electronic means.


Online Banking and Bill Pay Related Fees: (Popmoney and A2A services are limited to Retail (Personal) Online Banking Customers)

Bill Payments Requested Using Standard Delivery Times (not requiring expedited delivery of any kind)

No Charge

Bill Pay-Overnight Check-End User Transaction Fee


Bill Pay-Same Day Bill Pay-End User Transaction Fee


Account to Account Transfers (A2A) End User Transaction Fee

$2.00 (outgoing) and no charge for an incoming A2A Transfer

Popmoney-to send money:


     Popmoney (3 day delivery)
     End User Transaction Fee


     Popmoney (next day delivery)
     End User Transaction Fee


Popmoney-to request money:


     Popmoney Request Money
     (3 day delivery) End User
     Transaction Fee


Popmoney-to stop payment:


     Popmoney Stop Payment
     End User Transaction Fee




     Popmoney E-Greeting
     End User Transaction Fee


Additional fees associated with Commercial Online Banking

  • Commercial Online Wire Transfers - $15.00 per transfer
  • Commercial Online External Transfers - $5.00 per transfer
  • Positive Pay Services - $25.00 per month/per account
  • Additional restrictions and requirements apply for Positive Pay, Wire Transfer, and Bill Payment Services. Please call or come by today and speak with our Online Banking staff for additional information.