Helpful Resources and Links

Whether you are forming a new business in Texas, applying for an EIN, calculating your Deposit Insurance Coverage, or looking for general information helpful to Consumers from the FDIC, there are links here to offer additional information.


Business Organization in the State of Texas

Are you looking to start a new business in Texas? Visit the Texas Secretary of State’s website and decide which option works best for your situation and needs.

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Employer Identification Number

Are you a non- profit organization or new small business owner needing help applying for an Employer Identification Number? By clicking on the link, you will be directed to a Government website. Click on the link to get started:

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FDIC EDIE Calculator

Need help with calculating your FDIC Deposit Insurance coverage for your accounts? Click on the link below to guide you through the process.

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FDIC Quick Links for Consumers and Communities

The FDIC website has a page for Consumers and Communities with helpful information on a wide range of topics. Click on the link below to view the information.

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